Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I'm officially on my 08 Christmas break. Being back home is muy interesante. I get to see my original stomping grounds and the people I love. I love L.A. and Bakersfield is finally starting to grow on me as well. This break I'm really just planning on relaxing and taking a load off. I'm gonna post more that is something i can promise. My friends "Somewhere Else" is in Dublin, Ireland currently and I can't wait for them to get back home.

Well I'm going to try and get back started writing more songs and will see where this goes.

and uhh heres a pic of the baby me...


yhanni jamila said...

lmao random baby pic.
i love it

La.cie said...

"muy interesante":::he's bilingual too!!!

tyree you were so adorable! [[ms. brown and mrs. batisite would def be pinching the cheeks!!]

well ur in LA--> (THEReFORE) we must hang!

i love your blog [i actually read it]
and those somewhere else folks r pretty legit...iLike!

QuestionableAnswer said...

Thanks Lacie..

That warms my heart..

Tyree B.