Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Address

Today, has been one of the greatest days I could ever witness. The Inaugural oath and address by Barack H. Obama truly brought tears to my eyes. To see what was unfolding right in front of my eyes transcended any prior assumptions of these moments.The whole experience was truely breathtaking and conveyed the values and principles that America is based upon.We as americans should be proud.
I emplore all that face any challenges that they
institute botht faith and hope and watch what manifests.Let us all relish in the moments of today and allow ourselves to usher in the future with a great mind of hope and aspiration for a brighter tomorrow.Especially, for me being an African-american, seeing signifies a milestone of fortitude and tenacity of a race of people.

One thing I can gather is that America has a new tomorrow.


Dreez4Sheez said...

beautifally described!

Bee said...

ameeeeeen love!

i vow to go to washington if he is re-elected are you down for the trip?