Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ms. Williams.

And He Gets The Girl (Instrumental) - Lupe Fiasco/Pharrell
^^^^Play this while you read^^^^
Dear Ms. Williams,

You Know I had too . Where do i start:
  • Maybe the smile that you have that one way or another has always captivated
  • Maybe your beauty but that would be superficial
I Know where I'll start;
it'll be with your very HEART

You one of the most kindest, warm , giving people I have ever met.Your one of those people who i want every one to come across with once in their life. I cant remember one conversation we have had, either phone, text, or aim ,that I have never walked away not smiling afterward. Ever since I met you Ash I knew you were something special . I know we share a lot of memories but one I remember is when you gave me my very first Lupe mix Cd alongside BBD's "Poison" because you knew that was me and Emons cut at the pep rallies.

I say all that to say this..
To see you from ASB making posters to giving Graduating speeches has been a pleasure that i treasure .
iChat is cool ,but Ashley ,this is MY way of saying "I Love you and I wish you Best Birthday Ever"


Tyree B.