Monday, April 21, 2008

Allow Me

This weekend was made for family.... My hiatus is due to the grievance of my dearing mother Linda Denise Holden.... and im still grieving sooo just enjoy the music and contact me on aim .......Lenscrafter 06

P.s Glow in the Dark Tonite


yhanni said...

I prayed for her, and your family. She's still with you.

Anonymous said...

hey tyree...
we don't talk much but i just want you to know that i'm here for you if you EVER need anything or need someone to talk to..i know how it feels to have someone that close pass away because my mom passed away when i was me i know how it're a tramendously strong person and i believe you will be alright..everything happens for a took a while for me to realize that because i always thought like i was just 5 though..why me?!! ya kno?? but i sure don't know the reason but God does and i know at the end of the road/day God has something pretty big in store for us..just keep your head up and be strong..

i love you

rememeber that i'm always here for you