Monday, April 7, 2008

Listening to Common

Recently i have been on some backpacking tribe called quest thing ....( Because i looked up Backpacker up in the dictionary and it says:"A Backpacker is just a person who think Rap and Hip-Hop are two different genres. Thinking Rap is about self indulgent wanna be gangstas with a need to show of their shopping list and contribute nothing to the music industry but their idiotic "thug life" ideals. They put all forms of support into Hip-Hop and just love good music in general.They also love all/participate in all/most sub-cultures of Hip-Hop including the main five elements: Emceeing, Deejaying (Turntablism), Graffiti, BBoying (Break dancing), and Beatboxing.And a Backpacker has nothing to do with a persons skin color. Its ignorance like that that belittles the social advances of the last 30 years. Stop listening to your racist redneck father."(

Hip hop and i have had many differences but the art and culture of it all still completely amazes me ..... I freestyle/rap because it always requires improvement and a famous MC once told me that we you call yourself the greatest you leave no more room for discovery-Saint P...

Also Be by common is pure Genius