Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So Let me tell you what happened today.

Well today was a crazy interesting day! This morning I woke up in my dorm room around like 7:30 because i wanted to get something in my stomach before I went to my first class. So after reading my daily devotional my cell phone rings and I get this message from the residential office director. The message was saying that i was chosen to get my own single room in the dorms!!!!!!! YESSSSS I Finally have my own space to call my own. I have to thank God first because i took a big step of faith to get this room and he supplied! So right now the I'm in the new room and its a work in progress ,but trust it will be in full swing real soon with some stuff on the walls Hahhahaah!
I also auditioned for the school play today so will see how that goes too.
Tyree B.

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spoken truth said...

im happy for you!!!!