Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A 5.8 Earthquake hit L.A today!

"CALIFORNIANS steadied their shredded nerves today after being spooked by an earthquake that rumbled across the region in an eerie foretaste of the long-awaited "Big One".Buildings rumbled, windows rattled and bottles flew off supermarket shelves from Los Angeles to San Diego, but officials and emergency services breathed a sigh of relief as no serious injuries or damage was recorded. However, the 5.4-magnitude quake left many Californians all shook up. No major injuries or damage were reported following the quake, which struck at 11.42am local time near Chino Hills, a town 50km east of Los Angeles at a depth of 12km, the United States Geological Survey said. The tremor was felt across Los Angeles. Offices and restaurants could be seen evacuating workers and customers. The quake, which was followed by 27 minor aftershocks, rippled across California and Nevada, rattling city officials in San Diego, tourists in Disneyland and residents as far east as Las Vegas. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said the region had been lucky to avoid a major disaster. “Thank god that there have not been any reports of serious injuries or damage to properties,” Mr Schwarzenegger said."

source:The Australian News

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