Sunday, July 20, 2008

So the fact of the matter is

Im falling in love with Jesus more and more . Today i went to church and i felt i have been caring a burden of uncomfortably, doubt, and hopelessness. I have been going through a gauntlet of feelings that have only sharpened my bitterness and sinacle perspective of life. Ive been feeling that the my world is crashing down. So going to church today was a must. I went to church with my cousin Tyana and her son Kingston at 11:00 am. It was Woman's Day at West Angeles and all the elder women were well arrayed with they're sequined dresses and extravagant hats.The message today was given by a woman by the name Evangelist Joyce Rodgers. The message was titled "It's Not an issue anymore" the scriptures came out Mark 5:25 and Jeremiah 29:11. The words of the bible she preached and the holy spirit were on one accord the whole time. She made me realize that the issues that a man or woman can only be rectified when Jesus is put into the equation. Throughout the whole service i felt like she was talking to me directly. I truly felt the conviction because of the message. AT the alter call i walked down to the and broke down into to tears for all the pain that Ive been going through. I didn't care anymore! I needed Jesus to hear out of my mouth what he knew was they're already there. And He heard it! It's Not an issue anymore! Im new in Christ Jesus! " No weapon formed against me shall prosper" The devil is a liar. I'm Looking at my life now and seeing that I'm not perfect but I'm going to walk righteously in the sight of God.
I want to say to all my readers and Browsers of this blog that Keeping god first and Praying for those around you will guarantee the yokes will be broken and your words will be responded to by the almighty God.
new Beginnings Tomorrow and Everyday.

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