Sunday, July 27, 2008

Black In America Part 2 : Black Men

This documentary event held by CNN has really opened my eyes to the plights that plague African-American communities. A lot of blame and pointing of fingers has been made within and around the community and have involuntarily and voluntarily have perpetuated the very notion of bleak outcomes for African Americans males and females. The generational curses that have yet to be rectified by us, let alone responded to by our white counterparts, thus have eroded they very of foundation of potential growth. I understand the socio-environmental circumstances that play apart impoverished neighborhoods. The cause :lack of money, role models, and hope for a future leaves many brothers and sisters to strive for nothing more, thus leading to routine offenses of morality and dignity. The cause could be seen to be the lack of education witin the community which is a fair assumption, but what about awareness?

Is Pookie who is on the corner selling dope watching this? Are the crips who are about to commit another drive by in south central watching this? And what about Ashley, 19, with three kids all fathered by different men, on welfare, is she watching this?

I want to say that personally i have made a conscious decision to break black men stereotypes and already being a labeled a statistic from conception can be a deterrent. I was raised by neither one of my parents and have had four other brothers and sisters that have several different fathers. However I've never used my circumstances as means to validate my plights. Though i may, to some, be only a number , I am more than any equivalent that comes with seeing my skin.

I am a college student whose going to day by day change the tide and not fall victim to stereotypes that have been drilled into me voluntary and involuntary.

Tyree B.

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely, positively, enamored by your words, your actions, and all that you stand for. It is youth like yourself that make me unafraid of my future. I thank you for what you represent. And I truly wish that Pookie, and 19 yr-old Ashley were to stumble upon this. You have given me a bigger boost to and have made me more eager to send my message out to the youth. Thank you.

-Morgan S.