Monday, August 11, 2008

To God be the Glory always..

Its called redemption, salvation, and forgiveness. Im in a place today that i wasn't on Friday. For many months I've been diligently been praying to God for a community, accountability, and fellowship. Yesterday i received a blessing that i wasn't even prepared to receive. I was in a circle of 15 brothers talking about our defeats and accomplishments in our walk. I noticed that in our discourse we all shared the same struggles when dealing with taming the flesh. It was just radical for me too see that all in one place. Yesterday, I learned a lot about myself in conjunction with Christ. I learned that I can't give God a casual walk and a half praise . It wont be until I completly understand the magnitude of the price of him dying on the cross for me sins is when I'll be meeting him half way. God is Good. Now its time to refilter and re-acess what Tyree has done and won't condone from this day forward.
Tyree B.

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