Monday, October 20, 2008


"I wonder wut wood happen if we treated r Bible lyk we treat r sidekicks n phones? Wut if we carried it around n our purses or pockets? Wut if we turned back 2 go get it if we 4got it? Wut if we flipped thru it several times a day? Wut if we used it 2 receive messages? Wut if we treated it like we coodnt live w/o it? Wut if we gave it 2 kids as gifts? Wut if we used it as we traveled? Wut if we used it n case of an emergency? Wut if we upgraded it 2 get the latest version? This is something 2 make u go hmmm where is my Bible? Oh, & 1 more thing. Unlyk r kicks, we dont ever hav 2 worry about r bibbles getin disconnected or runin outta minutes jesus already paid the Bill."

-by Alyssa Simone

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