Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is 2 my 2 brothas

There was a million ways to start this verse
So I decided to talk about the youngest first
smallest tallest giant who's always trying
Superman for a hollaween like he was flying
Mr R.a.e kwon this is what I was hoping on
I rememba when you was in Mom stomach
Didn't think I could stomach having a nother
Sister I prayed under the ccovers for a brotha
And sure enough on the 29th it came to be
That's was a nother happy day for me
And Even between all the distance
U still have a resemblence

So now I'm a move on to the second oldest 1
K man the man im your fan no matta what
You exceed to suceed over the other ones
We used to think that u were hardheaded dum
Now I see you trying to finally start to apply
Those skills that u knew were always inside
I know I wasn't there for you every go
knew u was the truth from those freethrows
member when we used to play ball in theyard
I would be beating you and u wanted torestart
Now you better than me on ya ownskateboard
I know we never stayed in the same home
Blood is thicker than water tears and bone
Had to put my feelings in this flow

Big Brother (Instrumental) - Kanye West

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