Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to you.

This Mothers Day was the first that i couldn't share with my mother. Today fell on a Sunday, but i cant look at Tuesdays and Saturdays the same. If i could only speak to her again i would tell her that my love for her is can't be conveyed with words. Honestly I'm starting to want to through in the towel, But what will that due to me in the long run. It would only hurt me. My mother was loving, caring, stubborn, and warm. There is no one on the face of this earth i mean nobody who could ever take her spot. She couldn't even take her own spot. The bridge between empathy and sympathy is a long one. SO i don't expect to find any common interest with these feelings ,but i would urge you to no to take your love ones for granted because when they go that void will never be filled. In relation to this i know have four other siblings that are looking at me when i'm looking forward . I have to be strong for them. Lord Help MY and My family. MOM let your soul rest in holy peace and fill my heart and mind with the memories that we shared forever.

Tyree B.

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