Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So its almost down to the wire. My classes are slowly but surely wrapping up and summer is approaching. The question is what do i do? I'm going to have close to three months off with plenty of free time. What i really want to do is something that i have never done before. I maybe want to travel i really just want to explore. This whole year in college has made a significant impact on me. This period in my life has made me adjust to the things in and out of my life.Since the passing of my mother i have seen my world completely turn inside out. But overall my passions have changed. I love acting but i also feel i can gain success in other endeavors. Girls have asked me for courtship and that's a story in itself. I really don't want my blog to turn into a griping session but I'm happy that my life isn't complacent. I feel reason im so antsy is because I'm finally truly learning.
God has something in store for me i just dont' know what it is yet.

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