Monday, June 23, 2008

In essence... The Theory of.....

L I F E.
I see and feel struggle everyday. I see it in peoples face and oddly i see it as a driving force that controls human emotion. Within everyone i see an insatiable thirst waiting to be quenched. Everyone on this earth struggles with the concept of mortality. The temporary things we live vicarously through are vehicles to elongate the time we spent on earth.In my opinion thats what i feel is the struggle. As humanbeings we try to make or accomplish things that hopefully will outlive us. You see it in daily routines within establishments, trademarks,emblems,and rights.Things all made to insure and prove worthy for trust for future generations.

...........While i was looking in my bathroom mirror contemplating existence, I contrived that what if i was just one of the billions of notches on the rope of humanity, and that my existence is progression of a line of purpose... Thus the purpose of life itself.

I only have one life to live. One mind to use. Two hands to wield.
Life's simplicity is so complex.

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