Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today for some odd reason i was feeling really crumby. I went to go visit my uncle Kwasi to talk and get my resume on disc from him. During our conversation we were talking about how life seems to have literally 360'd since the loss of my mother, his sister. Things have not become distorted ,but more specific and narrow. We can see the changes in our lives. For me specifically, I am really trying to get a foot on the ground again. Trying to surround myself with people who have positive vibes and atmospheres..

My perception is a little foggy right now. Im going to start enjoying myself and the time that i have. For no particular reason I have this stress button that goes automatic when i think. I need to relax . I suppose its anxiety , but what over , i have no clue.

Also..... Im working on expanding and exploring more culture.

Does anyone know of any good events around LA upcoming in the next few months that i can do to get my mind sparked??

P.s If i dont know you and you read this blog.. I would love to get to know you and know your perceptions are about life and things in general....


Tyree B

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Tundae said...

kick back thing at my house wednesday!

come through!!

AIM fer info....or msypace..whatevs...