Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Met Up with Kris

Well today after a long hiatus i saw my best friend of 3 years Kris Cross. Kris has been in Russia for 2 and a half months and i at school getting my edu. Well we met on Wilshire and Labrea with Demarius and we were walking and laughing and talking about the politics of life. After finally catching up Kris and i went to the grove and then to Kmart for the infamous $5 dollar pizza from Lil caesars. This brought us back to the old days when he and i would ride the 217 up and down. Its crazy though because even between all the distance the brotherly connection was still intact. Major props out to him....

...... PS I have been thinking about the role Jesus plays in my life and its a large one, so Hate it or Love it. This isn't a fad... its my salvation

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