Friday, June 6, 2008

So the fact of the matter is....

Well world,

This is the start of the 2008 summer for me .I have officially finished school and I'm still in my dorm( Long aggravating story). Well I'm going through personal things. Today is the birthday of my loving mother Linda Boyd. This is also the same year i lost her. My sister called me crying today about how bad she felt and eerily i could here my mother in here tone of voice. This call nearly brought me to tears. Having this as my reality really explains how precious people are. In life time is the only thing man has control over. Really, the past is only the memories that you have failed to forget. Those kisses, hugs, punches, kicks can never be relived so our minds try to recreate them with mental pictures. I miss the warmth of my mothers a hugs as well as the stubbornness she used to give me. Words could never explain how i still don't believe that I'm writing these words.............. In short Tyree is at a losses end. I'm learning about the mortality of each and every one of us.

p.s Im also figured the theme of the school year for me. "To be still" and Listen.

P.s.s Tommorow im homeward bound.

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Anonymous said...

im sorry to hear about ur mother=( i kno this blog iz old but....when you said her name "linda boyd" it made me think about mine because her name is also LINDA. I know i dont know the pain feel you feel that she isnt hear but....i kno you said you missed her hugs, so if you ever need one you can hit me up and ill cum give you one lol!